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In 2009 Lisa and her husband, the painter Gunnar Larson, exhibited together at Höganäs Museum. To get information about forthcoming exhibitions please send us an email.

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“Working with unique ceramics has always given me breathing space. Designs for mass production are subject to many technical limitations. After working under such pressure it is a joy to let loose the imagination. Alternating between free art and design for production has suited my creativity really well”
- Lisa Larson

Mother Figure 1959 Bird 1960s Drawn Sculpture 1970s Clothing in Art 1980s Unique Sculpture 2006

Mother Figure 1959

Thrown spheres of stoneware clay, that were flattened, given heads and detail, while still wet.

Bird 1960s

Throughout the decades, birds are a recurring theme in Lisa Larson’s menagerie.

Drawn Sculpture 1970s

The rolling pin is one of Lisa Larson’s favourite tools. Painted decorations give evidence of her excellent drawing skills.

Clothing in Art 1980s

Lisa took part in the exhibition ‘Clothing in Art’ in Gallery Doctor Glas in Stockholm in 1987.

Unique Sculpture 2006

“Working freely with clay is to find ones way back to the search for right and wrong, back to a naïve state of pure emotions.”