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Lisa Larson - a woman who lives in the present

Welcome to the official website of Swedish ceramic designer and artist Lisa Larson

Lisa Larson is a Swedish ceramic designer who started at Gustavsberg Porcelain Factory in 1953. Since 1980 she works as a freelance designer and sculptural artist.

Browse among Lisa's classic designs and unique work and read a little more about her and the current production at Keramikstudion Gustavsberg. Latest news of exhibitions and events, new projects and products will be published here and you can contact Lisa with questions. Visit the on-line shop, where some of Lisa Larsons most loved figures are for sale and exclusive offers will be available.

Lisa was recently invited as a guest on Swedish TV to talk about her colleague and mentor Stig Lindberg. View the programme here: svtplay

Trend Expert Stefan Nilsson picked these items as the most interesting trends this autumn at Formex, the Stockholm Design Fair. Broadcast 3 September 2011. (View from 4:25 min)

Lejon 1965

Lejon 1965

Design Lisa Larson

Lisa Larson is best known for her humorous and friendly figures, generous shapes and artfully drawn incised decoration.

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NP33, Norrköping

Lisa Larson Restrospective: exhibition poster

Saturday 22 May 2010 the Japanese Ambassador Akira Nakajima officially opened the exhibition LISA LARSON at Gustavsberg Porslinsmuseum. Over 1000 people visited the museum during the first weekend.

Fantasis Market

Vintage Lisa Larson in Tokyo this summer
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Lisa Larson book

A picture book following Lisa’s work through five decades by Märta Holkers, in English and Swedish, accompanied by over 120 pictures.

Order a copy here

To order the reference catalogue LISA LARSON GUSTAVSBERG 1954-80 which depicts the complete production click here. SEK180:- plus P&P.

New cuttingboards are here!

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