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Lisa Larson has created classic designs for ceramic production since the 1950’s. Here are some of the favourites...

Lilla Zoo 1955 ABC-Flickor 1958 Stora Zoo 1958 Matilda 1962 Samhällsdebatten 1968

Lilla Zoo 1955

Design Lisa Larson

The very first collection of Lisa Larson’s figures to be put into production in 1955. Stig Lindberg, who was artistic director at Gustavsberg’s porcelain factory, discovered Lisa’s unique talent at adapting her creative ideas to the many challenges of factory production.

ABC-Flickor 1958

Design Lisa Larson

Among the most popular Lisa Larson stoneware figures is the collection ABC-Flickor (ABC Girls). When they were first released they caused much debate, since some critics saw them as depicting women with “such lack of respect”, but they quickly become extremely popular, especially among women!

Stora Zoo 1958

Design Lisa Larson

A cow, a donkey and a bulldog expanded the Stora Zoo collection from 1957. These three animals were only produced between 1960 and 1968.

Matilda 1962

Design Lisa Larson

Flintware tea service produced between 1962 and 1972. This, one of Lisa Larsons few table services, is only rarely available from antique dealers and in private auctions.

Samhällsdebatten 1968

Design Lisa Larson

Lisa Larson’s characteristically humorous stoneware sculptures were designed long before their time, making them just as relevant today.